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How much will it cost you?

First Year Course Fee.

WAS R35,000
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Deposit R5,000
Instalment (monthly) R2,084
Instalment (6 months) R13,750

Are you an experienced Human Resources Manager? Have you been working hard to ensure that your organisation is hiring the right staff and motivating and challenging those staff to increase retention?

It has been said over and over again that good management will make or break an organisations culture and in turn, those who are rewarded for their efforts, paid well and valued will stay and work hard for their organisation. HR Managers play an important role in this process and those who are effective, should be rewarded for their skills and experience too!

Individuals in this field, typically provide leadership and strategic direction in the human resource department of an organisation.

Analysing, designing and executing judgements whilst using a variety of technical, creative, conceptual or managerial competencies, individuals may have a broad or specialised knowledge base within the human resources field. Individuals are usually held accountable for group outcomes and the overall performance of the human resources function within an organisation.

Admission requirements.

Entry to this course is limited to those who have:

– Literacy, Language and Numeracy Online Assessment: At a year 12 level or equivalent

– A Grade 12 or National Senior Certificate with bachelor’s pass or;

If you do not have Grade 12 or National Senior Certificate then you will be required to complete a Nurture Education Diploma;

Completed a Diploma or Higher Qualification prior

Age Exemption (25 years or older):

– At least five years post-Secondary School experience in the field in which the student wants to study and;

– National Senior Certificate or equivalent.

Mature age applicants, without a school leaving qualification, may apply for conditional exemption.

Course Duration (2 Years)

The nominal duration to complete this course is 24 months.

As this training is competency based, completion dates can vary from student to student however will not exceed the nominal duration.

Included in course offer

Online resources and materials

See where your course could take you

Human Resources Director | Human Resources Strategist | National, Regional or Global Human Resources Manager.

What opportunities for further studies will I have?

Credit transfers may be available into related Advanced diploma courses.

Study Pathways

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management; or

Other relevant Advanced Diploma level courses.

Core and Elective Modules/Unit

This course has a total of 8 Units. 6 Core units and 2 Elective units, which Nurture Education has pre-determined the Elective units for this course set out in the table below.

Unit/Module of Competence Unit Type
Develop and implement diversity policy Core
Manage human resources strategic planning Core
Lead and manage organisational change Core
Provide leadership across the organisation Core
Contribute to organisation development Core
Develop and implement strategic plans Core
Manage innovation and continuous improvement Elective
Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability Elective

Qualification Framework Comparison

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